Hyacinth Health Consulting is designed to help clients who purchase health services or deliver health care drive quality from the use of data and the delivery of data-driven health care services.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to serve our clients by providing superior insight into data and service delivery to achieve optimal outcomes and to ensure that meaning is core to the delivery of health care services.

So much of what is done in health care today is simply transactional, meaning you simply check boxes to ensure you have taken particular actions. While of course transactional models are also concerned about outcomes the outcomes are often short-lived and not sustainable.  The health care industry is attempting to move from fee-for-service to fee-for-value but unfortunately the mindset is stuck in the transactional mode. Our goal is to change this mindset and move towards true value.

How do we move towards true value?  We help organizations understand what this means in their own environment and for their own populations.  We help organizations focus on doing the right thing and creating programs that build relationships designed to SUSTAIN value.

We bring a unique perspective as a result of our experience. We have three primary goals guided by our experience. The first is to help our clients understand the impact of data on the delivery of and receipt of health care services and to leverage that data to focus on what is unique and different for each client. The second is to leverage that data to focus on what is unique and different for each client. The third is to imbue passion and meaning in the delivery of health care services, understanding that if we do this right sustained changes will be realized.

“Eternal truths will be neither true nor eternal unless they have fresh meaning for every new social situation.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

Hyacinth Health Consulting :
Ensuring that meaning is at the core of health care

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