Hyacinth Health Consulting helps clients who purchase health services or deliver health care drive quality from the use of data and the delivery of data-driven health care services.

So much of what is done in health care today is simply transactional, meaning you simply check boxes to ensure you have taken particular actions. While of course transactional models are also concerned about outcomes the outcomes are often short-lived and unsustainable.  The health care industry is attempting to move from fee-for-service to fee-for-value but unfortunately the mindset is stuck in the transactional mode. Our goal is to change this mindset and move towards true value.

How do we move towards true value?  We help organizations understand what this means in their own environment and for their own populations.  We help organizations focus on doing the right thing and creating programs that build relationships designed to SUSTAIN value. We then help organizations with continuous monitoring processes to ensure the focus on value is sustained.


We bring a unique perspective as a result of our experience. We have three primary goals guided by our commitment to the health of populations. The first is to help our clients understand the impact of data on the delivery of and receipt of health care services. The second is to leverage that data to focus on what is unique and different for each client. The third is to imbue passion and meaning in the delivery of health care services, understanding that if we do this right sustained changes and desired outcomes will be realized.

Team members

Dr. Mary Ellen Gervais PhD, RN, CCM-President and Clinical, analytical and leadership development lead

Carrie Robbins, BSN, RN, CCM-Chief Operating Officer

Both Mary Ellen and Carrie have backgrounds in:

  • Outcomes Research,
  • Development of an integrated care management program known as Personal Health Management,
  • Leading Medical Management Departments and teams,
  • Project development and project management,
  • Healthcare Analytics,
  • Development of Analytic Tools,
  • Consultation services for clients in the use of their tools

Mary Ellen Gervais PhD, RN, CCM is a registered Nurse with more than 20 years of case management experience.  She has a PhD in health related science from Virginia Commonwealth University with a focus on health administration. Throughout her doctoral and masters of Nursing programs she has studied outcomes research and measurements. She has presented nationally and locally on medical management outcomes. As Conifer Health Solutions’ Executive Vice President she oversaw a medical management department of more than 200 nurses. She has been involved in the ongoing development of an integrated case management system which guides professionals in evidence-based case management and provides data driven actions to guide high quality case management interventions.

Mary Ellen Gervais

Carrie Robbins, BSN, RN, CCM

Carrie Robbins, BSN, RN, CCM, is a Registered Nurse with over 10 years of care management experience.  As the Chief Operating Officer at Hyacinth Health Consulting she brings significant leadership experience in population health.  Prior to her role as COO Carrie was the Director of Population Health with Conifer Health Solutions where she oversaw the operations of the population health department.  She developed and led care management staff and management staff training to ensure that nurses looked holistically at the populations they managed.  Under Carrie’s leadership and direction, nurses were taught how to use data, including evidence based medicine measures, predictive modeling, and risk stratification to analyze their populations and develop strategies for improving the health of their populations.   Prior to her work in care management, Carrie worked in cardiovascular critical care and clinical research.

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