Role and function of the care manager / personal health nurse

The personal health nurse practices an integrated form of care management.

Dimensionalizing how care management is practiced in the industry helps purchasers of these services determine quality providers and make informed choices.

The model depicted here shows the range of functions the care manager can engage in.

Purchasers of services can explore the extent of services they expect of their care management vendor.


  • Coordination of services / brokering services
  • Maintains responsibility for ensuring an appropriate effective treatment plan
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of services
  • Removal of barriers to accessing effective health care
  • Empowering the individual to self manage health
  • Facilitating communication between the client and health care providers in order to ensure continuity of care, avoid duplication and delays in care
  • Representing the payer in analyzing the fiscal benefit of the services being provided and negotiating appropriate, cost effective services

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