• Analysis of population health statistics
  • Analysis of current programs including impact of services provided on outcomes and sustained improvement
  • Recommendations for change in current program based on analysis
  • Health-related protocol development
  • Developing new program approaches to address the health of the population based on analysis
  • Developing and standardizing outcomes analyses appropriate to the client
  • Developing nursing leadership
  • Developing integration models – vendor and provider integration with Personal Health Management
  • Developing employer-based health programs to address whole person health
  • Grant writing for public and private awards


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In order for data to be useful it must –

  • Be comprehensive
  • Be organized
  • Integrate with all other sources of data
  • Drive actions based on the analysis
  • Provide feedback for program adjustment
  • Clearly impact quality and outcomes

Putting data to effective use has been the key to the success of the programs we have been involved with for more than 20 years.

How to turn Health Data into Action


We have extensive expertise in designing programs that address the specific needs of employers, unions, Taft-Hartley funds and consultants providing services to multiple entities interested in impacting the cost of care, as well as quality of care. The programs we have been instrumental in developing start with understanding what data is telling us and continue on to address the needs of individuals and populations from a behavior and clinical perspective, understanding that if these are first impacted the cost of care will be subsequently impacted.

Programs that are based on system-level models have been proven to be more effective than traditional models. One evidence of this is found in Dr. Gervais’ dissertation for her doctoral degree in which a diabetes chronic care program designed based on Social Ecology theory, a systems-level approach, is compared to traditional disease management. The research found that adherence to the guidelines important in the management of diabetes was significantly higher in the system-level model. This research supports our approach to program development as we assess holistically what impacts behavior and health and interventions specific to those needs.



We have extensive experience in ensuring the quality of medical management services provided by health plans and health systems. Our experience involves building and leading a medical management department since 2007 that grew from a department of 25 nurses to now over 200 and producing an annual revenue of over $36 million.


One of the major tools in driving success of a medical management program is recognizing leadership and building leadership in the professionals who provide the services and designing models that leverage that leadership. We have over 20 years of experience building high quality, passionate teams of nursing professionals.




  • Small self-insured employers looking for effective programs that impact the cost of care by starting with impacting the health of the populations they employ
  • Unions and Taft-Hartley Funds looking to ensure they are receiving the highest quality and most effective services from their insurer
  • Brokers and other consultants serving these populations who are looking for a clinical resource to augment the services they provide to their clients
  • Community programs addressing the complex issues associated with the health of their populations

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